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Sleep 101

Studies have shown that most adults do not get enough sleep and that during the COVID-19 pandemic, that number has only increased. Have you found that you struggle to fall asleep or even stay asleep? Do you wake up tired in the morning? Developing proper sleep rhythms can improve your overall sleep rest. When we sleep well and wake up rested, we have better cognitive functioning and can manage our stressors with a clearer mind. If you are struggling with your sleep rhythms, consider some of the following helpful tips:

1. Plan to go to bed and get up every day at the same time. This way, your body will naturally prepare for bed, and soon you won't need an alarm to wake up as your body will naturally wake up. By doing this, it will help your body develop a sleep cycle.

2. Aim to have between 8-9 hours of sleep a night to function at your best for the next day.

3. Turn off technology an hour before going to bed.

4. Practice mindfulness before bed to help quiet your mind.

5. Limit your naps. Naps can often interfere with your sleep cycle. If you need to have a rest, set your timer for 20 minutes.

6. Avoid large meals, caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime.

7. Ensure to engage in physical activity during the day as it can help you fall asleep at night.

Sometimes, unresolved stress can also contribute to troubles with sleep. Consider reaching out to your doctor or speaking to a therapist to support you through these challenging times.

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