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Anxiety Therapy

Have you ever been told that you worry too much? Or that you should just "stop worrying"? Living with anxiety can be super frustrating as you are faced with persistent feelings of overwhelm and stress and feeling like no one really gets it. Our team of therapists understand that your struggle is real and scary, and we are passionate about helping you overcome it. 

We understand that anxiety is more than just worrying too much and can be accompanied by many other symptoms including: 

- Trouble focusing

- Perfectionism

- Procrastination

- Heart palpitations

- Trouble sleeping

- Difficulties with daily functioning

- Relationship issues

- Rumination

- Excessive sweating

- Feeling paralyzed/stuck

We work with you to help identify root origins of anxiety and new ways of coping with stress so you can reclaim your life again. Reach out for support today. 

Stressed Woman
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